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Via de Cristo terms

SpānijaBecause the Via de Cristo (Cursillo) movement came from Spain, we have a few words in Spanish because these terms are difficult to translate, and also to keep a little "taste of Spain."

 Many thanks to Andra Muižniece (LV6) for the audio files with the correct pronuciation. ¡Muchas gracias!

Abrazo (a-BRA-so)

A hug or an embrace.


A person participating in the Via de Cristo (or similar) three-day retreat for the first time.

Cha or cha-cha (CHA-cha)

From "muchacha". In Spanish it can mean "a servant" or "a boy". All servants who serve on the retreat on a voluntary basis.

Clausura (clow-SU-ra)

In Spanish it means "closure". This is the closing service where the participants of the retreat meet the Forth Day Community to reaffirm the promises of their baptism and confirmation and to give themselves anew to the Christian life.

Cursillista (cur-si-YI-sta)

In Spanish ir means "short course student". A person who has participated in a Via de Cristo (or similar) retreat. See Forth Day Pilgrim.

Cursillo (cur-SI-yo)

In Spanish ir means "a short course", the predecessor of Via de Cristo.

De Colores (de-co-LO-res)

In Spanish it means "The Colours". De Colores is a Spanish folk song, which is sung at Via de Cristo (or similary) gatherings. The song reminds us of the glory and grace of God's creation.

Decuria (de-COO-ri-ya)

In Spanish it means "Group of ten". The table groups on the retreat (on our retreats the groups are typically less than ten people). Adjective (sometimes noun): the summary and poster presentations on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Fourth Day

The rest of the Fourth Day Pilgrim's life after the three-days retreat.

Fourth Day Community

Everyone who has participated in a Via de Cristo (or similar) three-day retreat.

Fifth Day

Eternity (those have died and now rest in peace, have begun their "Fifth Day"). 

Palanca (pa-LAN-ca)

In Spanish it means "shoulder" or "lever". The outward expression of agape love which is lifted to God in prayer asking for His mercy upon us, that we, as His apostles can fulfill more than we would otherwise be able to in our human weakness.


A person participating on the Via de Cristo retreat as a candidate or a team member.

Pilgrim (Forth Day Pilgrim)

A person who has participated on the retreat who is now living out his Fourth Day.


A Fourth Day Pilgrim who contributes to the small group discussions at the tables on the retreat. He or she may be speaking professor (see rollista) who shares a rollo, or a silent professor who does not share a rollo. 


A Forth Day layman who leads the retreat.

Rollista (roi-YI-sta)

A Forth Day Pilgrim who shares a rollo on the retreat. See professor.

Rollo (ROI-yo)

The talks that are read on the retreat.

Rollo room

The place in which talks and discussions are held.


A Fourth Day Pilgrim who takes responsibility to invite a candidate to the retreat. This means - to help and pray for the candidate before, during and after the three-day retreat. The sponsor should help to find a reunion group and to attend the ultreya meetings. A sponsor may be compared to a godparent.

Spiritual Director

A Called and Ordained Minister of Christ who by the guidance of the Holy Spirit help lay Christians to grow in faith.


The pilgrims of the Fourth Day Community who volunteered to serve at the camp.

Ultreya (ul-TRAY-ya)

In Spanish ir means "to persevere" or "keep going!", "go up! go forward!". A gathering of reunion groups. The aim is to give and receive encouragement on the Fourth Day, hearing how others evangelize their environments.

Via de Cristo (via-de-CRIS-to)

In Spanish it means "The Way of Christ". When used as a noun it means all Via de Criso movements and organisations. If it is used as an adjective it modifies the nouns such as the retreat or the Cursillo method: the fourth day and other aspects of service. 


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